WinMPG Converter

WinMPG Converter 6.8

Convert video files across a range of formats

WinMPG Video Convert is designed to meet all your video file conversion needs. The application supports a range of conversions, including AVI to Mpeg1, AVI to Mpeg2, AVI to DVD, AVI toVCD, AVI to SVCD, all media file to DivX, and all to AVI. WinMPG Video Convert supports almost all media file formats and includes preview support.

Supports these functions:

  • Convert AVI to Standard MPEG-1

  • Convert AVI to MPEG-1 with VCD extensions(VCD)

  • Convert AVI to Standard MPEG-2

  • Convert AVI to MPEG-2 Super Video CD extensions(SVCD)

  • Convert AVI to MPEG-2 with DVD extensions(DVD)

  • Convert ASF,WMV,MPEG1,MPEG2,Divx(MPEG4) to AVI

  • Convert ASF,WMV,MPEG1,MPEG2,AVI to Divx(MPEG4)

  • Convert QuickTime MOV MP4 to AVI

  • Convert Flash SWF to AVI

  • Media file information display

  • All conversion support preview

WinMPG Converter


WinMPG Converter 6.8

User reviews about WinMPG Converter

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    by mokeluer

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  • Mary135

    by Mary135

    "good one"

    The effect was very good conversion like it.   More.

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    by Einsteinool

    "Its very useful tool for enjoyment"

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    by JIM GREEN

    "good software"

    This is the best converter which i have ever is easy to use.try it!!!.   More.

  • meskyes

    by meskyes

    "perfect convert"

    so good quanlity and simple to use. it is best in the similar software which I know..   More.